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Policies For Employers

Last updated
02 February 2024

For Hiring Employers (or the "Employers"), please take the time to carefully read these Policies For Employers (or the "Policies") as they are legally binding on you (the "User" or "You") and shall govern your use and/or continued access to PASAJOB (the "Service/s").

In General

  1. As a User, you unconditionally agree to be bound by these Policies, which are deemed incorporated and made an integral part of the Terms Of Use.
  2. Your use and/or continued use of the services constitutes your clear, express, and unconditional consent to be bound by these Policies, including any action made by any of your officers, employees, authorized representatives, and similar therewith. If you do not agree to these Policies, you are required to discontinue using the Services; otherwise, you are deemed to have given your unconditional consent as stated herein.
  3. You have the responsibility to regularly review these Policies. We reserve the right to revise and/or amend them at any time without prior notice. The revision or amendment are immediately effective once they are posted on the Service or at Your continued use and/or access of the Service after the revisions or amendments, whether read and/or reviewed by you, constitutes your unconditional consent to be bound by the changes.

Definition of Terms

  1. "Employers" or "Hiring Employers" – refer to duly registered organizations or businesses aiming to hire employees through the Service.
  2. "Employer's Agents" – refer to the Employers' officers, managers, employees, representatives, and similar therewith who have been given or allowed access to the Employer's User Account.
  3. "Job Seekers" – refer to qualified candidates applying for employment through the Service.
  4. "Personal Data" – refers to all types of personal information as defined under Data Privacy Laws and Regulations, including personal information and sensitive personal information.
  5. "Platform" or "Service" – refers to the collective designation of the PASAJOB platform and services.
  6. "Policies" – refer to all current and future policies, such as the Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct for Users, and separate/individual policies that may be issued from time to time, including notices, policies, guidelines, frequently asked questions (FAQs), forms and contracts, whether digital or printed, that may be provided.
  7. "Referrers" – refer to persons who refer job posts/advertisements on the Platform to qualified candidates to employers.
  8. "Third Party Providers" – refer to independent providers of technology or services which may be used separately or integrated into the Service, including digital payment platforms, accounting services, and similar thereto.
  9. "Users" – refer to any person, whether an individual or an entity, who uses the Service.
  10. "User Content" – refers to user submissions or posting, such as uploaded data, information, media, and analogous thereto.


  1. You shall be responsible for all acts and/or omissions of your employees or agents who have been given and/or allowed access to your User account, whether intentional or through negligence, including but not limited to:

    1. Sharing the account’s user credentials or log-in details;
    2. Removing access to previously authorized user who no longer should have access;
    3. Failing to change user credentials or log-in details where appropriate;
    4. Failure to secure the accounts, and
    5. Analogous therewith.
  2. You shall ensure that the user credentials or log-in details should only be provided to those who are duly authorized to manage your user account. The access to the sad account using such credentials or log-in details shall deemed to have been made by you.
  3. You should notify us immediately, and no longer than 48 hours from discovery, if you believe that there was an unauthorized access to your account.
  4. You hereby confirm, affirm, and ratify any act done made in your user account after the lapse of 30 calendar days if no report is made within said period.
  5. You hereby grant a special and limited authority to PASAJOB, its licensees, and all the Users, including referrers, for the sole and specific purpose of referring job posts to qualified candidates via the Services, to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, such as those related to labor and employment, data privacy, among others. For avoidance of doubt, they shall be considered as engaged by you to for the sole, limited, and specific purpose of referring candidates to your job posts, and nothing more. No other authority shall be granted.

Representations, Warranties, Undertakings

  1. You hereby represent, warrant, and/or undertake the following:

    1. That you are a duly registered organization, business, office, or entity, in the Philippines;
    2. That you have a genuine and authentic need to hire employees;
    3. That you shall download the personal data of jobseekers for the sole and limited purpose of screening them for hiring in relation to your appropriate job post on the Service;
    4. That you shall download the personal data of referrers to your job posts for the sole and limited purpose of knowing their general background to the extent allowed by them and/or, if they consented, for screening them as potential hires in relation to your appropriate job post on the Service;
    5. That you shall contact or reach out to jobseekers for the specific purpose of potential employment opportunities in relation to your appropriate job post on the Service, and to referrers who consented for the same reasons;
    6. That you shall inform both the job seekers and the referrers of how their contact details were obtained by informing them of the Service at the first instance when reaching out, such as by explaining to them before the start of a phone call conversation, email, SMS, or similar therewith;
    7. That you shall delete or dispose of the downloaded personal data after concluding the hiring process, whether or not there was a successful hire;
    8. That you shall continuously update your employer information on the Service, without need of any prior request or demand, and particularly before making new or additional job posting, for any changes or modifications, including but not limited to:

      1. the registered corporate name and/or business/trade name;
      2. place of business, or operations;
      3. nature/industry of business;
      4. contact persons; and
      5. analogous therewith.

      To the extent applicable, you shall submit supporting documents as proof of the changes.

    9. That you are compliant with data privacy laws and regulations to protect the user data of jobseekers and referrers that you may receive through your use and/or access of the Services; and
    10. That you are compliant with labor and employments laws and regulations in the Philippines.

Payments and Taxes

  1. You unconditionally agree and acknowledge that any form of payment due, whether as posting fees and processing fees (collectively, the "Service Fees") and Referral Commissions charged against you, is immediately due and demandable without need of any request or demand, whether in writing or otherwise, and thus shall be settled before your job posting shall be published. This is without prejudice to bulk job postings and/or huge referral commissions which may be covered by a separate agreement.
  2. The Service Fees shall be based on the latest prevailing rates formally announced through official channels, such as the Service, official website, social media, marketing collaterals, and analogous thereto. Service Fees are non-refundable regardless of your decision to discontinue an already published job posting or in case the said post is taken down due to any violation of these Policies or Terms Of Use.
  3. You unconditionally agree that you shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations on taxation, including but not limited to and where applicable in connection with the Service, registration with the concerned Government agencies or offices, providing necessary tax/BIR forms, withholding of taxes, and payment of taxes, duties, fees, charges and/or costs, regardless of how designated, as well as enable, assist, or defend us in claiming or verifying input tax credits, refunds, and/or rebates.